Frequently Asked Questions

Wavlake is a next-gen music platform powered by Bitcoin and Lightning Network. It's like a global jukebox that runs on bitcoin. Artists post music and listeners can tip those artists directly with bitcoin payments over the Lightning Network. All tips help unlock free plays for all visitors to the site. Our goal is to help support and empower independent musicians with sound money: Bitcoin.

The Lightning Network is a decentralized payment standard built on Bitcoin that enables near-instant, low-fee payments to anyone in the world with an internet connection. Wavlake uses Lightning as the primary payment standard for listeners to tip artists directly for their music.

If listeners like a particular track, they can tip the artist. That payment will go toward unlocking more listens for the entire audience. The goal is for fans to promote music they like to others and benefit artists for their work in the process.

Any Lightning-compatible wallet that supports BOLT 11 invoices will work with the tipping function on the site. Here are a few wallets that are compatible: Alby, BlueWallet, Cash App, Muun, Breez, Zeus.

We are in the process of setting up integrations with popular wallets and servers. You can learn more about how our site works and how to register as an artist in our docs. Email us at contact[at] if you would like to join Wavlake as an artist, or find us on Twitter @wavlake for the latest updates.

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